On Self Control

This wild, untamable thing: my accursed heart

Yet every day, I do try

to put this rambunctious thing under my control

and heal my wand’ring mind;

to follow Your unfathomable ways

A difficult task, this I now know,

But Lord, I understand now that you know

The direction I am led by my heart.

I attempt to go, to follow your ways,

But it is sometimes so hard to try;

It takes every bit of my mind.

I struggle for divine control–

Not wanting, but needing Self-Control.

Your word teaches me all I need know

to settle my wand’ring mind

and find the path for my poor Heart.

But, honestly, I don’t want to try.

It’s too difficult to stumble in your ways

Much easier to stray and fall out of your ways.

If I surrender to your control,

And believe me, part of me wants to try,

but I hate to travel to what I don’t know.

I struggle daily against your heart

and beat against my own mind.

Who, Oh Lord can know your mind

is it impossible to follow your ways?

Let me hear your beating Heart

Let it take me over and control

That which I don’t want to know,

That which I am unwilling to try.

Let me more than want to try.

In the maze of my mind

Let me find what I know is there.

I wander throughout my mind’s ways,

and find an element of Self-Control

to bless upon my weak heart.


And I want you to know that I still try

Calming my heart and making still my mind

Lead me in your righteous ways as my self I learn to control


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