he buries his head in the sand

he buries it because he doesn’t want to see

hiding himself from the people who don’t exist

he wants them to just let him be

but they keep coming round

setting fire to his mind

and all he wants to do is run away

his fingers keep on playing

their awful songs of sin

but we all know they’re really songs of love

and he keeps on trying to run away

so that he won’t have to forget

because sometimes it’s so much easier

to just not give a damn

so he’ll sit and he’ll cry

in his own Disneyland

until she calls him her own

but they won’t get excited

and they won’t celebrate

they do it for old times’ sake

and he holds her and he cries

but it’s all in his mind

until she slips away

he’s just so far away from her, you see

he wants to not care

he’s angry because he can’t

his brother’s too busy to call

but he loves them despite his amnesia

he loves them and misses them all

and his heart is filled with sadness

his heart is filled with love

they miss him in the back-burners of their minds.


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