We take pictures of our younger selves
To remember what was here
Only to discover
That maybe it was a love affair after all
With an object
Made for war
And as we listen to the hail
We remember all the things we should have loved
In place of this
Mask of destruction
But it was beautiful while it lasted
And I’m so attached to it still
I’m sitting uncomfortably. I know it wasn’t…
But if think of it clear as day
The decay that it caused me
As my muse inside me
Nuclear fission
That caused me to fade away
Starting from within
So I captured the moment on acetate
And threw it in this box
It was supposed to burn
All of my lovely memories
{my lover would have wanted}
It saved the remains lying here
And left all that I wish I remembered
Lying cold, forgotten
In the mattress
As the sting of my fault
My fault
My grievous
Most grievous fault
Haunts me still.

I lie in a cold, empty bed.


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