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My Incapabilities

fucked by a man of steel
and never again
letting my guard down

my heart now stands
in iron bars

and I will wait,
as we all do,
for someone to understand

aching and attempting
to wash away

but all of the water
in the world
and on mars

just isn’t enough

I want to be touched now
held, don’t you see?

No! God no, not like that!
–and in the blink of an eye
i see them all walk away

my brokenness too much
:Just enough.

Robbed, now
Of my ability to love
Be loved

because I was fucked enough for one lifetime

And that’s just who you are
And that’s all that you want
you’re sure I’ll find the right person someday

But why not today?
And definitely not you
because you want someone
a little less this
and a little more that
and a little less
And you
and you
and you…
But I’m sure you’ll find someone someday
to deal with your shit
and who’s just enough broken
for You.
Because we’d all rather write you off
than be patient
or take the time
not to frighten you
not to know you
To know you’re worth it

Because you’re not

not worth the time
not worth the patience
not worth the frustration

not worth it
not worth it
not worth it

I’m so happy

I’m so happy

I’m so happy


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A friend
I thought
I paid
To hear my crying out
Has left
Has ushered me out
And I
Am lost
And done
And wondering
And why
And what have I done
Such a naked feel
that I
that I
Oh I’m
Just too
Breaking down
and out
and done

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I’ve pried open your eyelids
And I’m forcing you to look, now
My loins laid bare before you
All my ineptitude
And the lies

But no–you still don’t see

Do you?

My, my

You’ve wounded a soul or two today

1, 5, 14
1, 17, 14
1, 7, 15, 08
5, 12, 12
3, 2, 12

These don’t matter to you, do they.

Melanie fucking Zimmer

Fucks us all with her pretend lies

It’s not about the numbers
Meaningless to you
Because these numbers
Who I am

And I am nothing
But numbers
To you.

Oh you
Oh you
Oh you

Nothing —


Even to me

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Bound by hurt

You’re my friend
Or you once were
And now we’re very different
I–in my old skin I come to you
The happy me screaming to be free.
A mother lost on Christmas Eve
A funeral shortly after
Dictates I must trap myself
Within myself
To ease your hurt.
We were friends
Or once were
Now we feel more like strangers
As we’ve both changed
For better and worse,
But tragedy creates sisters
Of us all

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Coffee Time Again

Relaxing over warm cups of liquid
This, like many time before
Only now we’ve forgotten where and when we met
And the sting of things we left behind
Finally hurts
A little less
More times like this before us
Forgetting how much
We loved where our friendship was born
And now it’s not about
Where we came from
But just the present
And sometimes the future
Let’s hold this moment
On our tongues
For now.

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We take pictures of our younger selves
To remember what was here
Only to discover
That maybe it was a love affair after all
With an object
Made for war
And as we listen to the hail
We remember all the things we should have loved
In place of this
Mask of destruction
But it was beautiful while it lasted
And I’m so attached to it still
I’m sitting uncomfortably. I know it wasn’t…
But if think of it clear as day
The decay that it caused me
As my muse inside me
Nuclear fission
That caused me to fade away
Starting from within
So I captured the moment on acetate
And threw it in this box
It was supposed to burn
All of my lovely memories
{my lover would have wanted}
It saved the remains lying here
And left all that I wish I remembered
Lying cold, forgotten
In the mattress
As the sting of my fault
My fault
My grievous
Most grievous fault
Haunts me still.

I lie in a cold, empty bed.

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No matter how many times I read it

it still hurts

the pain is as fresh as the day I first received the news

the one person I opened up to

the one person I confided in





this takes away all my hope

and shatters my inner being

I want to hide myself up in a blanket

folding and folding

smaller and smaller

until I am no more


This reminds me

of my stupidity

Fool am I.


Never again,

say I,

as I seal up my heart

and lock it

in that place I know I will never look

so may I never again

peel my soul

raw as an onion

bare my heart

just to get it crushed

and embarrassed.

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